Young mother of Philippine Languages: Liz or Elizabeth MAQUET

Liz or Elizabeth MAQUET

Liz or Elizabeth Maquet is a young Filipina, borned on July 4, 1976 at South Upi Maquindanao Philippines. She arrived in France in 1996. She has a huge passion and interest about languages. She started her school without knowing a single word of Tagalog as she belongs to the Tiruray tribe.

She finished her elementary school at Nuro UPI Elementary Schools and her secondary at Notre Dame of Upi. She took her Computer Sytem and Programming at Ama Cotabato City. She has continued her studies in Lille, north of France.

Looking a nice weather as in the Philippines she decided to move to Lyon in 1999. In collaboration with Thibaut Maquet, she created the first active Filipino Community in the said town in year 2005. Founder, president of Pinoy’sBest Association – PBA for about 6 years. PBA has been accredited by the Philippine Embassy in Paris in year 2008.

She became the young mother of Filipino Languages in 2010. She promoted and presented for the first time the Philippinre Languages during the International Languages Forum in Lyon, Place de Sathonay, 69001 Lyon.

It was with her big honour to represent the Philippine English, Bicol, Cebuano, Ilokano, Ilonggo, Filipino, Tagalog, Tiruray her very owned language and many other.

Every year, on the fourth Sunday of September, she promotes those languages together with the officers of Pinoy’sBest association with a matching showcasing at the main scene.

For year 2013, her poem title “Ang Isang Dayuhan” has been included to the Poetic Book of the said forum.

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