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About Go – destinations

This is a website dedicated to all my prespective destinations worldwide or maybe your own destinations too. The choice is yours.

The launchement date of this website was on August 28, 2007.

Well, call me Zara. I live in France. My friends and my family use to call me Liz. I came from the south part of the Philippines, the city called Davao. I like running website especially writing or sharing the areas I have been lately.

I am a chatter of YM and Paltalk. So, some people knew me already. You can meet me under the screen name me0wish. I like singing, spending my time with real good friends, I like gardening too and shopping, LOL :d

So, I will be pleased to hear all your incoming comments about this new website. Feel free to express yourselves and let me know if i could be in any help.

I am shring you up the Video of my favourite song title ” Sans Toi” Without You in English!

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