Algavre Portugal

  1. Yoga in Algavre


Yoga now has a surprisingly broad appeal, from body conscious brides-to-be and and baby conscious mothers-to-be wanting to tone up for the big day ahead, to golfe and surfers wanting to home their skills (of concentration or body-balance) and up their game.

Free range holidays offer something for everyone from creaky annual sunshine, the choice in yours.

Don’t miss the lunch of fresh grilled sardines on the fishing Marina.

You can fly from Lyon via Madrid till Lisbone or Faro, Portugal. Any other countries check out the flight to this place.

Map of Algavre Portugal

Map of Algavre


Casa Vasco


Faro Port

Faro Port



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  1. Just finished reading your blog and I must say that it made me think about the beautiful vacations that we had at Praia da Luz. Last summer, we stayed at Casa Vasco ( ), the property was lovely, had everything that we could possibly need during our stay and the house management reps were also very helpful in giving us suggestions and directions were to go during our too short 1 week holidays. We spent most of our time at the local beach of Luz and would finished our days relaxing at the gorgeous private pool at the villa. There was plenty of good restaurants within a short walking distance and also at the nearby city of Lagos (…just 6km away). We’ll definitely be going back, this time 2 weeks, hopefully next summer.
    Diana & Gerry

  2. We also happened to get our hands on a great travel guide website for the village of Praia da Luz at… , this site was also very helpful for our vacation planing.
    Diana & Gerry

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