Antibes, France


Antibes is an old strengthened city of the Riviera, is stretched on twenty-five kilometers of littoral. The lecterns are installed on the ramparts of the city.


Claude Monet, Nicolas Staël and Hans Hartung, German painter, remained there in turn. This last left a foundation besides there, with the c?ur of a field of olive-trees, where are joined together itheir paintings like those of its wife, Anna-eva Bergman.

Nicolas Stael

Simplicity of the places, modern architecture and beauty of the landscape give to this field a calm and serene atmosphere.Side panorama, go to the Cape d’ Antibes, the Vault of Garoupe. Unspoilable view on the littoral. A rocky shaded path, lost between splendid residences, makes it possible to go up there.


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