Australian Outback

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The Australian Outback:

Sunglasses on the nose, queer with flies with the hand, launch you to discover Australian Outback. Awaits you to perspire!

Stuart Hwy is the unavoidable way to circumvent for all those who want to see the Outback Australian (back-country). Called “The Track”, it extends its dusty bitumen through impressive desert areas, in the center of the country, to connect Port Augusta, in South Australia (SA), in Darwin, the extreme point of the Territory of North (NT).

Start this tour with Melbourne, whose innumerable restaurants and pubs will help you to constitute reserves in calories. Borrow Princes Hwy and devote yourself to the magic of Great Ocean Road. You in Adelaide, active artistic pole stop, to benefit from its softness of living. After having left Augusta Port, great spaces open with you: deep silence will be stopped only with the accesses of the mining city of Coober Pedy, capital of the opal.

After a stop in Uluru (Ayers Rock’n’roll) and visit the spectacular Watarrka (Kings Canyon) National Park, to the vertiginous canyons, direct you towards the oasis of Alice Springs, surrounded of the steep slopes of MacDonnell Ranges. Between “Alice” and Darwin, you will be able to meditate in front of astonishing Devil’ S Marbles, to descend some beers in Daly Waters Pub and to admire the landscapes, the wildlife and the cave paintings of the Aboriginals in Kakadu National Park, classified with the world inheritance.

Stuart Highway

Who follows Stuart Highway?

Stuart Highway in Port Augusta

Stuart Highway in Port Augusta

At the time it on the Stuart Highway

At the time it on the Stuart Highway

East of the Stuart Highway

East of the Stuart Highway

Port Augusta South Australia
Port Augusta, South Australia

Port Augusta Pichi Richi Steam Train

Port Augusta Pichi Richi Steam Train


What it is necessary to know to do in Australia

  1. To call everyone “mate”, without distinction, even those who you do not know.
  2. To check your case as regards visas carefully.
  3. To know what your embassy/consulate in Australia can do for you in the any problem events.
  4. To accept with serenity that the Australian ones are paid, on the occasion, to have your head.
  5. To contract an insurance travels covering, if need be, the activities at the risk.
  6. To envisage garde-robe reduced but adapted to the climatic variations.
  7. To have an super-effective product counters the virulent flies and mosquitos.
  8. To sew a pocket in front of your jeans, to accomodate the kangaroo mislaid in your hotel.
  9. To keep in mind that the irony and the direction of Australian humour will hold surprises for you.

When To leave?

Honestly, every season proves favourable to visit an area or the other of Australia: when the weather is nice in North and the Center, the weather is cold in the South of the country; conversely, when North knows heat and moisture, the weather in the States of the South is done much more lenient.

Many festivals and spectacles general public also proceed throughout the year, of the gastronomical banquets and the great concerts of jazz or rock’n’roll until the artistic events and the sympathetic nerves regattas – the finales of football and the horse-races or nautical gathering the public at the end of the year.

Practical note: How to get information?

Embassy of Australia:
4, street Jean-Rey, 75724 Paris Cedex 15 Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 59 33 00.


All visitors must be provided with a visa to enter to Australia. It is necessary to get the forms necessary in the Australian consulates and the travel agencies.

You can avail your electronic visa on line.

My favorite?
“Difficult to choose a route of predilection in such a rich country; however, my first circuit motorized in the center of Australia forms part of my best memories. I left Adélaïde and I moved towards north and Outback, going along to the passage of the saline wells before spending one night in a troglodytic dwelling.

More in north, I celebrated the sky of the desert close of the imposing silhouette of Uluru, painfully climbed the side of spectacular Kings Canyon then wiped a sandstorm by mislaying me on Mereenie Loop Road before joining the attractive mission of Hermannsburg. Lastly, I made knowledge with mysterious Alice, quickly abandoned for the remote throats of MacDonnell Western.”

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