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Secrets of Masks, Venice till Asia

  Secrets of Masks Masks are used to disguise, confuse, protect, characterize, and give status. They are simple to elaborate and made from all range of materials from common items to precious jewels. They appear worldwide on young and old faces. Masks are used in all aspects of arts related susch as: Drama Film Dance […]


Unavoidable ones: Windhoek Located at the heart of the country, this Germanic town of origin is crossed roads and railway lines. Perched to 1 660 meters, it enjoys a pleasant climate mountain, dryness and pure, and its 160 000 inhabitants are the reflection of the ethnic diversity of Namibia. Windhoek, Namibia Windhoek Namibia Etosha Park […]

Namibia, the other star of the Southern Africa

Namibia, Southern Africa Between Kalahari and the South Atlantic, Namibia is a “ground promised” with the quasi unlimited potential Excursions in the bush, coasts tormented, great lunar spaces, desert of Namib, cave paintings, strange fauna and flora… In which other country in the world could you contemplate flamingos flying over the desert? Strong of a […]