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Canberra prices rushing forward

  Canberra is the capital city of Australia! According to property information supplier Australian Property Monitors’ latest report, the nation’s main cities had a double-digit increase in rental costs over the past 12 months. In Canberra, the median weekly asking rents for houses rose from $390 in June last year to $410 in June this […]

Circular Quay, Sydney

Circular Quay Circular Quay in Sydney is an ideal place to start your Sydney journey discovery. Circular Quay have viewed from the western end, Circular Quay in Sydney is situated around Sydney Cove, ounce has a shipping area, the goal now are the transport, leisure and recreational center. It is made up of walkways, parks […]

Airbus A380

Welcome on board the A380 Airbus! The first A380 Airbus, delivered to Singapore Airlines After 18 months of delay, the first A380 Airbus was delivered on October 15 to Singapore Airlines. Qualified by Airbus like “the most profitable plane in the world”, A380 accomplished its first commercial flight on October 25, 2007 by connecting Singapore […]

Melbourne, Paris of the antipodes

Hotel in Melbourne Marvelous Melboursne, Paris of the antipodes! In 1835 John Batman, in exploration in the area bought 240 000 hectares of ground to the aboriginals, a treaty “was signed” with the aboriginals which did not have any idea of the concept of property. In 1840 10 000 Europeans lived on the site of […]

Australian Outback

Hotel in Australia The Australian Outback: Sunglasses on the nose, queer with flies with the hand, launch you to discover Australian Outback. Awaits you to perspire! Stuart Hwy is the unavoidable way to circumvent for all those who want to see the Outback Australian (back-country). Called “The Track”, it extends its dusty bitumen through impressive […]