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Half Price Hotels worldwide

  Half Price deals in your Hotel Booking Hello go readers, Did you know about this? Now, every Friday, you can avail 50% off or more to these hotels worldwide. You can even avail until 70% off upon availability. Our hottest deals are in Manila, Cebu Philippines; Thailand, Indonesdia, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Paris France, […]

Secrets of Masks, Venice till Asia

Secrets of Masks Masks are used to disguise, confuse, protect, characterize, and give status. They are simple to elaborate and made from all range of materials from common items to precious jewels. They appear worldwide on young and old faces. Masks are used in all aspects of arts related susch as: Drama Film Dance or […]

Seven news with the country of the wonders

One knew the 7 dwarves, the 7 capital sins, the 7 wonders of the world… Finally it is what one believed! Because since July 7, 2007, our world has 7 new wonders. To be sure to receive me 7 out of 7 read the continuation! “And the wonders are…” With event symbolic system, date symbolic […]