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Half Price Hotels worldwide

  Half Price deals in your Hotel Booking Hello go readers, Did you know about this? Now, every Friday, you can avail 50% off or more to these hotels worldwide. You can even avail until 70% off upon availability. Our hottest deals are in Manila, Cebu Philippines; Thailand, Indonesdia, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Paris France, […]

The 15th International Exhibit of Diving 2013, PARIS

The 15th International Exhibit of Diving will be held this coming week-end from January 11 to 13, 2013 in Paris, Porte de Versailles. Rendez-vous of amators and professional divers, this show will make you discover the trends in destinations, equipment, associations and training … In short, all the needs for diving. After being honored in […]

Paris Beaches 2009, just started

HOLIDAYS – The 8th edition was started. The program … The concept is, they bring the beach around Paris, to bring the holidays season to the heart of Paris. Yvelinois sand was sprinkled on the docks, blue and white deck are in place, Paris Beaches (Paris Plages), here we go. The 8th edition of the […]

Pigeons French Kiss in Paris, France

Two Parisian pigeons exchange a “french kiss” passionately, last July 2 2009. French Kiss in Paris by 2 pigeons Even birds are not being saved with the famous french kiss 🙂 Its funny.

Chocolate exhibit in Paris

Exhibit about the chocolate in Paris When the people or rather the celebrities I meant on show … Alexandra Rosenfeld, the woman in chocolate! Chocholate is good in our moral, what do you think hmmm?