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Candlemas pancakes meal

  Pancake or the Candlemas! Pancakes or the Candlemas The word pancake is a splendid word which evokes the joy and the festival. Festival of the Pancakes on February 2 To make the receipt of the pancake batter. Trimming: 3 orange the peel of a butter orange 20g 1 spoon with sugar 1 soup spoon […]

Seven news with the country of the wonders

One knew the 7 dwarves, the 7 capital sins, the 7 wonders of the world… Finally it is what one believed! Because since July 7, 2007, our world has 7 new wonders. To be sure to receive me 7 out of 7 read the continuation! “And the wonders are…” With event symbolic system, date symbolic […]

Rome, Italy “Festa del Cinema”

Rome is celebreting their cinema festival: Hotel in Rome From the 18 to October 27, the capital italianne organizes its “Festa del Cinema” Leave flaner in these mythical places to watch for ls stars with the corners of the streets. Animated baroques churches , places and streets, Dolce Vita in Rome, it is just as […]