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The 44th US President is Barack OBAMA

  The lucky and leading winner on the 2008 US Presidential Election is Barack OBAMA!!! The 44th US President is Barack Obama The americans and the Afro-American are very pleased to assist this historical Election. I am expressing my personal thanks and wishes to him for his new responsibilities. I am sure President Obama will […]

The 65th Venice International Film Festival,

The 65th Venice International Film Festival, Organised by the Venice Biennale, takes place at Venice Lido from August 27th to September 6th 2008. The aim of the Festival is to encourage the awareness and the promotion of all the various aspects of international cinema as art, entertainment and industry, in a spirit of freedom and […]

Venice Traditional Festivals

January 26 – February 5, 2008 – Carnaval Re-launched three decades ago, the Carnival was immediately regarded both in Italy and abroad as an event not to be missed. Venice Carnival is steeped in history, charm and tradition: its inhabitants and tourists alike have taken a keen interest in it, thanks to its mix of […]

Venetian symbol par excellence, Gondola

The VENICIAN GONDOLA The Venecian Gondola The Venician Gondola The gondola is still among all the objects, that which makes, irremediably to think in Venice. With this intention, it uses the forcola carved in only one piece in a ball of drowning meadows of 50 kg at the beginning, which, cut once, will not weigh […]

Secrets of Masks, Venice till Asia

Secrets of Masks Masks are used to disguise, confuse, protect, characterize, and give status. They are simple to elaborate and made from all range of materials from common items to precious jewels. They appear worldwide on young and old faces. Masks are used in all aspects of arts related susch as: Drama Film Dance or […]