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Fly from Lyon to Fes

  Royal Air Morocco Hotel in Fez Starting October 28, 2007 the Royal Air Marocco will be launching a line Lyon to Fes. For about 120€, you can fly from Lyon to Fes one of the cities of Morocco, for one way only. The Royal Air Morocco has been doubled their traffic since 2003. For […]

Fez, Morocco

Hotel in Fez Fez, the Moroccan princess! Far from the clamours of Marrakech, in the Parisian accents from now on, here Fès. Intouchée, noble and charming lady. First founded imperial city in Morocco, queen of arabo-Andalusian architecture, mother of all the médinas of the kingdom, Fès can remain discrete. Behind the high walls, the uniform […]

Ouarzazat, Morroco

The Kingdom of Morocco! Morocco is a land so intrinsically beautiful and rich with heritage that the moment you step foot on it you feel completely transported to another time. Ouarzazat, the Moroccan desert Enough of the moderate climate? If you want to pass from the heat to the cold without transition, the town of […]