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Cities where you can book your hotels in the Philippines

  Hello esteemed travelers, Flying from every part of the planet to venture out to the thousands of islands in the Philippines. You can book your hotels and save by booking with You will find noted cities in the Philippines where you can spend your tour and we assure your hotel reservation in these […]

Scuba diving travel in the Philippines

Hello, The weather in France has been grey since November. The holidays season just ease me a little bit but I think this takes much longer. I really miss the crystal water in Palawan, Boracay, Davao City, Philippines. Though, I can not make it possible as holidays are so hard to get nowadays as of […]

Palawan Philippines

Palawan Is a mountainous Island of the Philippines to the luxuriant vegetation. The wild beauty of its beaches contrasts with the dangerous character of its jungle. Its crystalline water, its deserted splits, its tropical jungle and its natural caves make of Palawan a single site. I am inviting you to have an eye to this […]