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Secrets of Masks, Venice till Asia

  Secrets of Masks Masks are used to disguise, confuse, protect, characterize, and give status. They are simple to elaborate and made from all range of materials from common items to precious jewels. They appear worldwide on young and old faces. Masks are used in all aspects of arts related susch as: Drama Film Dance […]

Sport and culture in Sri Lanka

Sport and culture In the chapter of the sports activities, let us mention surfing (in Arugam Bay, East coast, in Hikkaduwa and the point of Midigama, West coast), the diving, the excursion and the trekking in the mountainous area (flat of Horton, Ella). Sri Lankais are fond of delicacies of cricket and races. You will […]

Spices of Sri Lanka

Live spices of Sri Lanka If it does not appear among the best of Asia, the kitchen sri lankaise is tasty and of excellent quality. The basic dish is the curry – very extremely – been useful with rice. In the event of oral overheating, take a little yoghourt to the milk of buffless (“curd”) […]

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, so small and so rich Nothing easier than to travel to Sri Lanka. Low-size, the country is a true cultural treasure in an exceptional environment. The capital city is Colombo. On a chart, one would say a simple water drop fallen from close imposing sound, India. And if the two countries form part […]