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Taipei, Taiwan’s Capital

  Taipei, Taipei capital-hive (or Taipeh), capital of the State-island, is a very dense city, with the atmosphere bourdonnante, until in the old temples where the emotion and enthusiasm reign. The activity is dense also in the markets of street, especially night, or immense Grands stores, of Japanese inspiration. It is often enough to leave […]

Taiwan traditional south and East, wildest area

The South East coast is so beautiful that it would be necessary to envisage a few days to leave in the mountains and to also discover the villages. Rooms of hosts develop, which allows a true contact with the Taiwaneses. If is country is still wild, with landscapes to cut the breath, in the south […]

Discover Taiwan, the mysterious

Taiwan is an island ignored with the subtle atmosphere which should be taken time to enjoy. Urbanized Taipei, the capital, with the natural paradises of the east of the island, monasteries at the houses of tea, kitchen with decorative art, discover an island with the thousand pleasures. An unsual atmosphere or surroundings If its independence […]