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Nemrut Dag, Turkey

  Heads in stars… Nemrut Dag Turkey image In this August of this year there, that was to be 1969, we returned from Turkey of the East, Paris Match announced a major discovery; Nemrut Dag in Turkey.We had passed to a few kilometers and we did not know! This year there, it was 1973, Nemrut […]

Istanbul Under the sun of November

Fes and Istanbul, two escapades for All Saints’ day! Hotel in Istanbul Istanbul, so far, so near Constantinople, Istanbul… these names evoke the Eastern power and record. Future capital apitale European of the culture in 2010, Istanbul did not lose anything of its last splendour. One unloads with in this city in the steps of […]

Cappadoce, Turkey

Cappadoce: extraordinary landscapes in the heart of Turkey! Expatriation, this area and the churches of the triangle of Anatolia central are Urgup-Avanos-Nevsehir, the fame for its natural architectures worthy of lunar landscapes. Chimneys of fairies, these rock cones carved by and water in the tuff, a volcanic friable rock, mark out trott them. Cappadoce is […]