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Half Price Hotels worldwide

  Half Price deals in your Hotel Booking Hello go readers, Did you know about this? Now, every Friday, you can avail 50% off or more to these hotels worldwide. You can even avail until 70% off upon availability. Our hottest deals are in Manila, Cebu Philippines; Thailand, Indonesdia, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Paris France, […]

Bali, Thailand, Singapour and Vietnam on Valentine’s Day

Fly to Bali, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam on this coming Valentine’s Day! Spend your Valentines Day in Bali Fly away with your love and avail a half price! From 908 Euros you have a flight B/F including all taxes for two people. Be in Thailand on Valentines Day Fly with Singapore Airlines! Surely, you will […]

Chau Doc, Holidays with the Vietnamese

The town of Chau Doc Hotel in Chau Doc At the edge of Mekong, at the border of Camboge, discover all the riches of a country where softness is a way of life! Mekong Map og Mekong Okay, when one travels to the antipodes one likes to visit, one runs of one site to the […]