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From 103€, your week-end in London

  Eurostar package + Hotel Short stays 2 days/1 night, 3 days/2 nights or more… Choice of the largest Hotels to 4 stars. Enjoy your weekk-end at the British Capital, London. Check it out for more information below. I’ve been in London in 2004, I had a great time, I met few Filipinoes. We had […]

Visit London

Hello, I was in London in 2004. I just spent about 4 days there and I stayed with friends. I heard that the hotel is quite expensive, I think this is normal as of every Capital cities the pricing is not comparable in the small city. If my friends didnt proposed to stay with them […]

Dinner in London

To dine in London is expensive! Before leaving for a dinner downtown to London, ensure you to have well furnished porte-monnaie. Because according to the Zagat guide, the British capital dethroned Tokyo with the prize list of the cities at the most expensive restaurants. The quality price? The British capital, the average invoice is 57,40 […]