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Tickets to Dublin, Ireland

  I was checking my email after reading my newspaper in the morning that it came out my mind to browse the plante ticket to Dublin. Lucky I was to find the cheapest Ticket there. Few hours of flight from Lyon and you are enjoying already the Irish Coffee or the Irish Beer, Guiness. Guiness […]

Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai

Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai, a luxury 5 stars hotel!! In 2008, as the world suffering about the economy crisis the other part of the planet in Dubai a cool and a new luxury Atlantis hotel and resort they’re building at the tip-top apex of the Palm Jumeirah has been inaugurated. It’s insane. Incridible:-) […]

The 44th US President is Barack OBAMA

The lucky and leading winner on the 2008 US Presidential Election is Barack OBAMA!!! The 44th US President is Barack Obama The americans and the Afro-American are very pleased to assist this historical Election. I am expressing my personal thanks and wishes to him for his new responsibilities. I am sure President Obama will be […]

Kerry, Ireland

Kerry, Ireland Kerry faces the Atlantic Ocean and, typically for an Atlantic coastal region, features many peninsulas and inlets: principally the Dingle Peninsula, the Iveragh Peninsula, and the Beara Peninsula, shared with neighbouring County Cork. The county is bounded on the west by the Atlantic Ocean and on the north by the river Shannon. The […]

Roses, Spain

Roses is located in the Spanish region of Catalonia on the Costa Brava. This is the biggest resort on the northern stretch of the Costa Brava, just 30 kilometres south of the French border. Roses is steeped in history with origins going back to the 8th century BC when the first settlers arrived here from […]