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Tour of the Reunion Island

  Have a tour at the Reunion Island!! You can start from Saint Denis take the road till Saint Philippe and end to La Possession. That tour will be a complete forseen of the Country. More about Boracay

Saint Denis

Saint Denis!!! The capital of the island of Reunion, a French overseas located at the north, this is the real commercial, administrative pole and policy of the Island. It offers jewels of creole architecture, strewn in town centre, with the turnings of the commercial streets. It mixes tradition and modernity, even if these boxes lontan […]

Auguste Lacaussade

Famous character Auguste Lacaussade modest Poet of origin, Lacaussade was one of the largest poets of the island. He published in 1839 “Salaziennes”, then “Poems and landscape” into 1852 which will obtain the price of the academy. In 1861, he will publish “the wrecks”, works which also met a great success. He died in 1897.

Islands of Reunion a French Overseas

The Reunion Island!! The island of Reunion, the intense island , its magical landscapes , over the unforgettable hikes, mixed culture, flavored cuisine , the bewitching music, its towering mountains and impregnated history. The unique volcano in its regular activity grandiose and its magnificent beaches, tropical micro wheather and the tropical fruits! Come and visit […]