Discover Taiwan, the mysterious

Taiwan is an island ignored with the subtle atmosphere which should be taken time to enjoy. Urbanized Taipei, the capital, with the natural paradises of the east of the island, monasteries at the houses of tea, kitchen with decorative art, discover an island with the thousand pleasures.

TAiwan Taipei

An unsual atmosphere or surroundings
If its independence were never yet proclaimed officially, Taiwan (located at the south-east of China) acts like an independent State, in particular on the commercial level: the island wakes up actively with tourism. Released in 1975 of the yoke weighing of Kaï-Chek, the island which one called a long time “Formosa” is done increasingly beautiful.


There are such a great things to visit as one should envisage to spend at least 15 days there! Developed in the west, Taiwan remains wild in the east. One of the places more unsual is the immense monastery Chun Tai Chan, close to the town of Puli, in the center of the island. It is dimensions and the luxury of decoration translate its disproportion. One can visit it, and to live even there!

Monastery of Chun Tai Chan

Chun Tai CHan

Chun Tai Chan

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