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This city is located on two hills, at the place where the lake finishes which bears today its name, & which one called formerly lake L̩man. The situation is very Рpleasant; one sees on a side the lake, other the Rhone, with the surroundings laughing campaign, of the covered slopes of country houses along the lake, & with a few miles the always frozen tops of the Alps, which paroissent money mountains when they are lit by the sun in the beautiful days.The wearing of Geneva on the lake with piers, its boats, its markets, &c. & its position [ p. 575B ] between France, Italy & Germany, make it rich & commercial industrial.


It has several beautiful buildings & of the pleasant walks; the streets are enlightened the night, & one built on the Rhone an extremely simple pump machine, which provides water to the most raised districts, with hundred feet top.The lake is approximately ten – eight miles length, & four to five in its greater width. It is a species of small sea which has its storms, & which produces other curious phenomena.

The road going there is very peaceful, nice to travel by this road even though if it’s quite a winding road.

Charm of Geneva

I”ve been there several times, but I never get rid of visiting these city. What do you think about Geneva? Wanna share your own experience then, here, you can drop your comments by clicking on the “Discussion” just under the title post.

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