Boracay Long white sand Beach, Philippines

The Amazing Boracay White Sand Beach!


Dear go-destination readers,

Hey, it was a big pleasure to read some of your comments on my blog. I am quite satisfied with my work and I think you too.

Today, I want to recall and bring up something for you out there. In France winter is almost here and amazingly thinking, I want to bring you and dream with me to the long white and  large beach of Boracay, this place is located  in the northen part of the Philippines.

 The Amazing place must to be:-)


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Ang Isang Dayuhan

Ang Isang Dayuhan

 By : Liz Maquet – 2011

 Ako’y galing sa pinakamalayong lugar, higit labing tatlong libong kilometro

Ang mahigit na pitong libo et isang dang pitong isla ay siyang nakapaligid nito.

Paraiso ang tanyag sa akin,


I’m from the most remote locations, over thirteen thousand kilometers

More than seven thousand seven islands surround it.

Paradise is my image,

Je viens des endroits les plus reculés, à plus de 13000 km
Plus de sept mille sept îles qui les entourent.
Le Paradis est mon image,


Malinis na himpapawid, dagat na malawak, mga pambansang dahon ay nakapaligid, kasama na rin ang mga mahahabang dahon ng niyog ay nabibigay lilim sa malawak na dalampasigan. Ang mga ito ay dala-dala ko sa aking pakikipag sapalaran.

Clean air, wide sea, national foliage surrounding, as well as the lengthy coconut leaves that shade me. I am all carrying these on my talking randomly.

L’air pur, une vaste mer, un feuillage national aux alentours, ainsi que les longues feuilles de coco longues qui me font de l’ombre. Je porte tout cela lorsque je m’exprime au hasard.

Ang tanyag sa akin ay isang dayuhang Pilipino.

The notable name they call me is a foreign Filipino.

Le nom notable qu’ils utilisent est celui de Philippin étranger.


Pilipino na nakipag sapalaran, sandata ay ang wikang Filipino at Ingles

H’wag lang rin makakalimutan and mga linguwaheng tulad ng Cebuano, Illonggo, Tiruray ay lagging kasa-kasama.

Filipino who spoke randomly, weapons with me are Filipino and English languags
as well as the Cebuano, Illonggo, Tiruray will always be my companion.

Le Philippin qui a parlé au hasard, mes armes avec moi sont les langues philippins et  l’anglais ainsi que le Cebuano, l’Illonggo, et le Tiruray seront toujours mon compagnon.


Sa karunungan, tiyaga at pagsisikap, wikang Pranses ay natutunan din, Espaniya, Italiano at marami pang iba.

With wisdom, patience and effort also learned French, Spanish, Italian and many more.

Avec de la sagesse, de la patience et des efforts j’ai aussi appris le français, l’espagnol, l’italien et beaucoup d’autres.


Ang dayuhang ito ay tinatangkilig, minamahal ang banyang kumupkop sa kanya, bayan ng kanyang mga anak.., ang tawag sa kanya ay Pransiya.

These alien has been integrated, loved the open-arms nation, town of his children .., we call the welcomed country is France.

Cet étranger a été intégré, a aimé la nation qui l’a accueilli, ville de nos enfants .., nous appelons ce pays qui nous a accueil la France.

Philipines is where you find beauty and nature’s paradise

Miss Philippines was crowned Miss World title, last Saturday, September 28 in Indonesia.

miss-monde-megan-young PH2013

Our Philippine candidate Megan Lynne Young, arrived first World beauty contest, during a ceremony  in Indonesian, at the  island of Bali placed under protection because of the Islamist opposition.

The young woman, who was born in the United States, has left the country at the age of 10 years old.

A Film student,  she made ​​a few appearances on screen. Her dream is to get behind the camera and become a director.  She describes herself as  “an ambitious person”  who loves to read Harry Potter books and video games, according to Miss World website.


In the other hand,  Marine Lorphelin,  Miss France 2013,  has arrived only at the second step of the podium.

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Hello my dear go-readers,

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