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Jura- Lons le Saunnier

  Every year, it comes to plan the holidays, I usually prioritize the sea as I am seashore lover also the special ocean breeze. The traffic to the south is always a long way drive and you need to pass that through before enjoying your holidays. Jura is few hours drive from home, with no […]

Mystery google

Back to before the birth of christ there have been depictions of star systems which people should not have known about carved into rock which can only be seen from above. You want to see and have a tour with google mystery? Here is the video and will bring to the history. Enjoy!

Angel Valley Resort

Angel Valley Angel Valley with its 70 acres is nestled in a secluded valley at 20-minutes distance from the center of Sedona, Arizona, and is surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest. Oak Creek runs through Angel Valley year round. A visit to Angel Valley is more than spending time in a beautiful place […]


Why not make a change for a new destination going to NASA Moon. It is amazing to have a trip to NASA Moon, to Mars planet I mean. I am sure NASA Moon, will be great to step on it. Do you think you could afford this kind of destination, NASA Moon? Happy trip and […]

Santa Cruz Islands, 7.8 earthquake

7.8 earthquake struck off the Santa Cruz Islands Santa Cruz Island is located about 20 miles from the mainland coast, and travel time from Ventura Harbor. Santa Cruz Islands A magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck off the Santa Cruz Islands in the Pacific Ocean yesterday, triggering a tsunami warning for several nations in the region. The quake […]