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Anticipate your week-ends break in May or June to save on your hotel bookings

  Hello my dear go-readers, I just wanted to chase on you and check how’s everyone doing out there? Well, I hope everything’s fine. It’s almost end of April, how gesh how time runs so fast. Month of May will be faster than the month of April. So, why don’t you anticipate your week-ends then? […]

New talks about Supreme Wealth Aliance, an Online Business

Dear go-destination readers, To have a change here on go-destination, I decided to talk about the new sustainable online business, called Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate. Supreme Wealth Alliance Library is a growing mega collection of useful wealth building digital resources that you can avail as soon as you are a member. Auto education is needed […]

Cities where you can book your hotels in the Philippines

Hello esteemed travelers, Flying from every part of the planet to venture out to the thousands of islands in the Philippines. You can book your hotels and save by booking with You will find noted cities in the Philippines where you can spend your tour and we assure your hotel reservation in these cities […]

Spring break 2013

Spring Break vs French Snow Break 2013 When is spring break? Spring break actually starts for some schools in mid of February and starts as late as the second week of April. However, most schools take their spring break in March. So, I presume that “When spring break for this year of the snake?” Do […]

Vigan City of the Philippines

Vigan, capital city of Ilocos Sur, what will splash on your mind if some asks you about this city ? First, this evokes memories of the glorious past. The city is located in the Northern part of the Philippines. Vigan City is about 408 kilometers northwest of Manila and includes area of the China Sea […]